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For those who are #GoingPlaces

At Nomalite, we take travel seriously, because our generation does.

We work hard to design efficient gear that helps travellers on-the-go, from the office, to the street, to the trail. We partner with the best factories around the world to build it. We offer it to you directly, without the traditional retail markup.

Company Background

We started in 2015, with a small group of experienced travellers concerned by the same issue: travel efficiently.

Since the traditional product portfolio of main large companies did suit our needs, we decided to reinvent the travel essential we always dreamed about.

Far from irrelevant features and shiny labels we wanted to design gear able to support both your backpacking through Australian bush and your week-end trip to Lisbon without being too costly or confidential.

If a better way exists, we decide to explore it. So we went to work.

Company Logo

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Nomalite builds durable, minimalist and innovative travel gear to help you save time and energy while being on the road.

Gear philosophy

We focus on key features that matter to veteran travellers.

Our solution for the ideal toiletry bag involves:

  • a detachable pouch for faster airport screening,
  • extra-sturdy hook and zippers to hanging anywhere, home and away.

We repurpose everyday items for a more efficient use away from home.


Our wallet removes the friction from travelling, by:

  • protecting your credit cards from RFID theft
  • making it easy to switch between two currencies
  • Letting photographers or videographers store their memory cards safely

We make sure that our gear sustains the wear and tear that travel involves.


In a new city or on a day hike, a daypack is a life saver. We designed ITZA™ in honeycomb nylon:

  • a material that combines resistance and lightness.
  • Breathable yet water resistant, it’s a must-have for hikers and urban explorers alike.
  • Reinforced where it matters

Key Takeaway

Our first product launched in 2015. Since then we have equipped more than 20 000 travellers and nomads in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. We opened our brand to the general public on the first day of summer 2018. Our team is fully remote, and has been since day one.