West • Travel Toiletry bag

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They say “If the product you want doesn’t exist, build it”. So we went to work. Our solution for the ideal toiletry bag involves an optimized shape, a detachable pouch for faster airport screening, and extra-sturdy hook and zippers. A toiletry bag made for nomads.

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Rip-stop Nylon
Rip-stop Nylon
Water Resistant
(240 g.)
Non-slip Hook
Machine Washable
  • Dimensions: 21.0 x 23.4 x 2.5cm (folded) / 71.0 x 23.4cm x 2.5cm (unfolded)
  • Weight: 240g.
  • EAN: 0735810542388
  • Color: Midnight black
  • Comes in: Nomalite™ water-resistant smartbag


WEST™ is the ideal companion for frequent travellers who check-in and out often.

Our hanging travel toiletry bag was designed to help you keep your toiletry elements organized, avoid clutter, so your toothbrush stops rubbing your nail clipper! Thanks to its large, transparent compartment, your items remain ordered, visible and readily accessible at all times.

And if you travel frequently, we think you’ll love its central feature. What’s more annoying than the ceremony of security check-in at airports? Save time every time you fly by keeping your liquids in its detachable transparent compartment: just take the compartment off its waterproof Velcro attachment, put it in the tray, then re-attach it et get moving fast once the security is passed. Say goodbye to Zip-locs!

Our travel toiletry bag has been designed to effortlessly fit in your carry-on luggage. It features a metal (not plastic!) hook, for maximum solidity. Afraid of scratches and leaks? Its extra-resistant polyester 300D frame and its leak-proof, transparent compartment have been tested and approved by nomads for years now. And… it is machine-washable!

Our travel toiletry bag has no shiny labels or useless widget: it is the product of our search for maximal functionality, and relentless attention to details.

Your travel toiletry bag features:

  • A velcro system to open and close your kit, giving you access to your valuable items in a flash.
  • A non-slip metal hook to hang your toiletries anywhere and keep them clean and dry.
  • One main compartment, transparent and detachable. Say goodbye to Ziplocs at airport security!
  • Two compartments with nets and extra-padding: lodge the items that you need to access often – or your fragile belongings.
  • A sturdy and water-resistant polyester 300D frame, featuring high-grade zippers



West End, Brisbane

Quirky, dense, eclectic. West End in Brisbane, Australia is a colourful crossroads of cultural influences, where hipsters and new-age types find a temporary haven from city traffic, and where travellers instantly feel at home.

We think the ideal toiletry bag should be so practical that you’d also want to use it in the comfort of your home. Forget it’s even here, and go on with your day. The transition is all the easier when you’re on-the-go.

We named our pioneering product WEST™ as our small homage to a vibrant neighbourhood where travellers blend with ease, in a local community that radiates a quintessential laid-back vibe.