Oman • Padfolio

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Your tablet, an A4 pad and pen, and all your documents will follow you in an elegant and tidy fashion. Lighter than a briefcase, featuring a robust handle and two zipped compartments, OMAN™ makes getting to work a child’s play. Work hard anywhere.

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Tablet-friendly Pocket
Anti-shock Padding
Lightweight (299g.)
Features A Handle
Rip-stop Nylon
Rip-stop 300D Nylon
Resistant Vegan Leather
  • Dimensions: 25.0 x 4.0 x 33.0 cm (folded)
  • Weight: 299g.
  • Color: Midnight black
  • Comes in: Transparent sleeve.


Having to carry an entire desk’s worth of documents has become a familiar need for many of us, yet being productive as we travel is always a challenge. For our team, traditional gear seemed to lack the functionality or minimalism that we seek.

We designed our OMAN™ padfolio to help travellers keep everything they need to deliver within reach. Lighter than a briefcase (under 300g), more protective than a sleeve (with an anti-shock comportment for tablets), it features a smooth leather handle.

Carry your tablet, your phone, USB key, glasses, pens and up to eight credit or business cards in a simple and elegant way.

Made with vegan leather, a cruelty-free and easier-care alternative to animal skin, OMAN™ includes a complimentary A4 clipboard. Work hard as you go, the accessories will follow.

Your padfolio features:

  • Two padded compartments to protect your electronic devices from your daily like on-the-go.
  • Eight slots to keep your business or credit cards in place.
  • One comfortable leather handle to carry your padfolio when you’re on the move. It folds back discretely and in a flat manner when you don’t need it anymore.
  • A bonus A4 notepad to get your juices flowing.




Oman epitomizes a modern face of Arabia, and yet it keeps an ancient soul. The sultanate’s mentality is the product of a powerful heritage and a commitment to progress, the bridge between a rich frankincense-trading past and a relentless investment in a highly-educated future.

In a world where attention and time have become a scarce resource for all of us, we believe the ideal productive accessory should unclutter your mind as well as your desk, so you stay on top of your work and remain efficient and collected, wherever you are.

While the recipe to achieving great work probably hasn’t changed in centuries, the logistics behind it are challenged each decade. We named our padfolio OMAN™ because we see it as bridge between your traditional desk and your nomad life – blending movement and productivity in a way that our generation is only beginning to discover.Quirky, dense, eclectic. West End in Brisbane, Australia is a colourful crossroads of cultural influences, where hipsters and new-age types find a temporary haven from city traffic, and where travellers instantly feel at home.

We think the ideal toiletry bag should be so practical that you’d also want to use it in the comfort of your home. Forget it’s even here, and go on with your day. The transition is all the easier when you’re on-the-go.

We named our pioneering product WEST™ as our small homage to a vibrant neighbourhood where travellers blend with ease, in a local community that radiates a quintessential laid-back vibe.