Nara • Cable Organizer

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When travelling, clutter accumulates, fast. NARA™ will help you keep your equipment tidy and protected from loss, water and shocks.

Full of smart hooks, featuring a spuer-adaptive central grid, your case will be precious enabler to your life on-the-go. Unclutter.

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Lightweight ( 150 g.)
The Minimalist Way
Rip-stop Nylon
Rip-stop 300D Nylon
Heavy-duty Padding
Waterproof Cover
Several Compartments
  • Dimensions:  16.0 x 24.0 x 2.0 cm
  • Weight:  150 g.
  • Color: Midnight black
  • Comes in: Nomalite transparent sleeve.


We went though many iterations before we came to make the ideal electronics case. But we are proud of our solution: NARA™.

Our cable organizer features a variety of typical solutions in a compact space:

  • four nets pockets,
  • three elastic loops,
  • Three slots for earbuds, memory cards and SIM cards
  • One external side pocket.

Yet, because we know order is a very personal concept, NARA™ was designed with a central elastic grid that provides endless possibilities to support your digital devices and small cables. It will hold your items firmly in place.

NARA™ was engineered to unclutter your computer bag and make your electronic items easily accessible at all times. Thanks to its double zipper opening, the travellers finds what they are looking for at the first glance.

Built to last, our cable organizer is made with heavy-duty, resistant and waterproof nylon that will protect your electronic items from shocks and tears when you are travelling.

Your cable organizer features:

  • One double zipper opening to access you items easily
  • Four mesh pouches and six elastic loops of two different sizes each to keep some items at the same place.
  • One central elastic grid for your endless potential configurations
  • Three small slots usable for your SIM/SD card (from your camera or phone), and for your Airpods.
  • One side-handle to carry your cable organizer comfortably and attach it to your carry-on luggage.
  • One external side pocket, designed to carry a tablet or an e-book reader that needs to stay accessible.



Nara, Japan

Once Japan’s permanent capital, Nara feels a little bit like Wonderland today. Its most prominent landmark, a Great Buddha statue towering at fifteen meters, is located in a mesmerizing park that lends itself to relaxation amid greenery and… tame deers which will come lick your palm.

Because order is a very personal habit, we believe that the ideal cable organizer should combine numerous storage possibilities and pockets of various sizes, so it quickly adapts to your needs, and not the contrary. The result? Peace of mind.

We name our electronics case NARA™ because this city feels like a safe, “out-of-time” haven, in a country where technology is ubiquitous. We wanted the same feeling for our gear.