Kibo • Travel Notebook

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A notebook for those whose mind wanders.

Our travel journal KIBO™ combines simplicity and elegance. Made with genuine leather and refillable booklets using high-grade paper, it will help you capture your thoughts for the journeys to come. Inspire everywhere.

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Genuine Leather
Durable And Resistant
Easily Refillable
Golden Pen clipper
Several Compartments
Premium quality paper
  • Dimensions:  13.0 x 10.0 x 2.0 cm (folded)
  • Weight: 190 g.
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Comes in: Nomalite vintage carton box.


KIBO™, our notebook, is a refillable writing journal that was designed for travellers.

Its strap-on/strap-off cover’s fine workmanship, using superior genuine leather, boasts a vintage look and feel that conjures up the golden eras of travel writing from the 1900s. It will protect the pocket notebooks and valuables inside for the years to some.

Under the hood however, this century’s traveller needs are well taken into account. Three pretty booklets, made of high-quality paper, are firmly bound together by elastics. When you’re done writing or drawing on one of them, just unbind it and replace it with a new booklet: we chose a refill format standard that is universal and easy to find, so you don’t have to worry about running out of paper before you run out of ideas.

Thanks to the attached pen clip, your pencil will remain where you need it most: by your notebook’s side, ready to put your thoughts on paper.

KIBO™ was also designed to carry elements your small, everyday items. Shelter your business or credit cards, and small items such as jewellery, headphones or Post-it notes in the two resealable transparent pockets you’ll find in your notebook.

Our travel notebook as a lovely classic leather smell, and is very comfortable to hold. Its dark brown colour, associated with the golden colour of the pen clipper, gives it an elegant and timeless style – the style creations deserve

Your travel notebook features:

  • One vintage cover, made in genuine leather, that combines durability and classic design.
  • Three 60-page booklets made with high-quality paper to get you started on the path to creation.
  • One four-slot plastic page, that will help you keep your business cards and small jewellery in place.
  • One resealable plastic page to help you keep small items such as receipts, post-its or earphones.
  • One metal clip, to always hold your pen by your notebook’s side.



Kibo summit, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

“[…] in some way, he could work the fat off his soul the way a fighter went into the mountains to work and train in order to burn it out of his body” 
― Ernest Hemingway, The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories

The Kibo summit on the volcano of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, is the highest free-standing mountain on Earth. This snow-capped volcano, rising alone above cultivated farmlands, has been poetically described by Ernest Hemingway in his famous short story “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”.

When travelling, a thousand ideas can come to an attuned mind. For us, the perfect travel notebook had to be strong enough to protect our notes from the vagaries of weather, yet small enough so you want to keep it with you at all times. We made ours compatible with universal refills, so you can adopt it for the years to come and not worry that you’ll run out of pages before you run out of ideas.

We named our travel notebook KIBO™ as our small homage to the Hemingway novel, since he is the perfect paradigm of the contemporary American writer. A man who could plunge into actions, travel and brave danger one day – then seek inspiration wandering in the streets and cafes of Paris the next. A man of action and poetry, who reached literal and symbolic summits.