Foss • Travel Umbrella

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FOSS™ is not your typical $8 “disposable” umbrella that you might trash in 3 months. We hunted for the most durable materials available: our ribs are made in fiberglass and our cloth is coated with Teflon™. Stormproof, auto-open, quick-dry. Welcome the storm.

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Stormproof Ribs
Auto-open Button
The Minimalist Way
Comfortable Grip
Quick Dry Cover
  • Dimensions: 29.0 x 5.0cm (folded) / 96.0 x 55.0 cm (unfolded)
  • Weight: 340g.
  • Color: Midnight black
  • Comes in: Nomalite™ transparent bag
  • What you get: Umbrella, umbrella cover


We designed FOSS™ to be the last umbrella you need to buy in the years to come.

Our stormproof umbrella is compact and windproof thanks to its fiberglass ribs. FOSS™ was tested to withstand wind speeds up to 80km/h.

This umbrella was also designed with convenience in mind. Fold and unfold it easily with the push of a button. Stop worrying about drying time: leave the umbrella open by your door and thanks to its non-stick Teflon™ coating, its cloth will be dry within minutes.

Yet, style has not been sacrificed for function. Compact and elegant, it fits perfectly in your handbag, coat pocket or computer case. We tried to distill a touch of class while leaving it branding-free – so your umbrella fits any situation, professional or personal.

Our unbreakable umbrella was engineered to be your best ally in the coming years. Storms will come and go, yet your umbrella will remain the same!

Your stormproof umbrella features:

  • One non-slip rubber handle with a push-button: open and close your umbrella in seconds, using only one hand
  • An extra-sturdy frame supported by 8 ribs in fiberglass, able to withstand winds up to 80 km per hour.
  • A quick-dry cloth engineered for durability, coated with Teflon™ to repel raindrops and accelerate dryness.
  • One water-resistant umbrella cover, to store your umbrella in your work bag, your computer case or your suitcase to protect your belongings from rain drops and other potential damage.



Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Majestic, barren landscapes. Turquoise, grey, ice-white. Water generously pouring from the skies, wind gusts blowing erratically from all angles. Icelandic climate is challenging, particularly near the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, in the Southern coast of Iceland. From there, water tumbles over a rocky scarp into a deep green pool.

We believe an unbreakable umbrella is a key essential to back your life as a nomad. We wanted to create an umbrella able to support the hardest climatic situation and be your storm companion for years.

We named FOSS™ after the Seljalandsfoss waterfall because nowhere did the need for a storm-proof umbrella presented itself with more relevancy.