Travel essentials.
Reinvented for nomads.

At Nomalite, we take travel seriously, because our generation does.

We work hard to design efficient gear that helps travellers on-the-go, from the office, to the street, to the trail. We partner with the best factories around the world to build it. We offer it to you directly, without the traditional retail markup.



We started in 2015 as a handful of long-term travellers looking to solve a seemingly simple problem: make travel more efficient.

Traditional mainstream products from large companies, full of irrelevant features and shiny labels, did not do a very good job at addressing our needs.

Yet, when backpacking through South America or on a week-end trip to Berlin, resorting to pro hiking gear or the odd word-of-mouth item from an obscure Finnish brand had to be a temporary – and often costly! – solution.

We thought that, maybe, there was a better way. So we went to work.

They say “if the company you want doesn’t exist, build it.”

What started as a side project turned into the affirmation of an alternative ethos.

This new generation blends travel and working in new ways. They fly with carry-on luggage, they sleep in overnight buses, they would rather underpack then let heavy belongings undermine their experience.

After 5 years of listening to feedback from our community, of diligently testing product ideas and new features, we are proud to open our brand to the public.

This generation is going places. Nomalite is our small effort to address its needs for gear that adapts to the way we live, work and travel.


We build essential gear with features that matter.

At the heart of what we do is a simple mission: craft durable travel gear that makes a difference.

Day after day, we strive to carry this simple principle in our actions, through relentless innovation, ethical awareness and exceptional quality. And because travellers and nomads get their gear directly from us with no middleman involved, we remain affordable.

Innovation that makes a difference.

We focus on minimalist equipment, designed around real use-cases that remove specific pain points for nomads and weekenders alike.

  • Our wallet makes it painless to switch back and forth between currencies (this is how)
  • Our travel pillow inflates in 20 seconds, no mouth needed! (this is how)
  • Our toiletry kit means you can say goodbye to Zip-Locs when packing (this is how)

“It’s 2019 and you still panic at airport security?”

Our wallets and passport holders are made from vegan leather - a cruelty-free alternative to animal skin
Our wallets and passport holders are made from vegan leather - a cruelty-free alternative to animal skin
Responsibility that makes sense.

When it comes to doing the right thing for the environment, travellers still have a long way to go. At Nomalite, we take every opportunity to commit to greener endeavors and reach our goals for a sustainable future. Most notably:

Gear that endures your nomad life.

Travel can be messy. We understand that any item as only as solid as its most fragile component, so we partner with the best makers for each part.

We select the most appropriate material to balance resistance, lightness and elegance. We carefully assemble every item down to every last detail.


We are here for you.

We are a small, independent company. This allows us to do things our way, to be constantly testing new products and features, and to stay close to our community. Hang out with us on Instagram or come say hello here!

We care about making the best products we can. We are a fully remote team and each of us is using Nomalite gear in her/his daily life. So if for nothing else, we want to be damn sure our gear is useful!

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In the end, traveling is about pushing our boundaries in the search of discovery, or freedom. For some, it might be to escape the 9-to-5 grind and embrace a nomadic lifestyle. For others, it’s the next week-end hike or the upcoming surf trip.

In this quest, we are fully aware that accessories are just a tool. But we’ll consider our mission accomplished if our gear helps enhance your experience, even in the smallest way.


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Thank you for being part of our community. We are proud to be going places by your side. The journey begins.